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What is Topdressing?

Incorporating a blend of sand and fertilizer into the turf, topdressing creates a healthy medium for root growth, all while smoothing the surface, and removes divots and slight undulations in your lawn. Deep Core Aeration allows the topdressing material to essentially change the soil profile, from Georgia’s hard clay, to a more sandy and loamy soil creating optimal growing conditions for turf grasses including Bermuda, Zoysia and, in some cases, over seeding Fescue.

Benefits of:

topdressingSmooths turf for easier mowing and maintenance.
• Creates vital nutrients and reduces the thatch.
• Improves drainage.
• Enhances growing medium for root growth.
• Softens turf surface for active play.
• Increases natural resistance to disease.
• Assists microbial activity.
• Stimulates deep growth.



What Does Aeration do?

Aerating your lawn is imperative and recommended annually.  Deep Core Aeration changes the composition of the root zone by loosening compacted soils, thus providing an environment that encourages deep root growth. Our core aerators have hollow point tines that reach up to 4 inches in depth.

Deep Core Aeration also:

aerationIncreases water percolation through the soil.
• Enhances water retention in the soil.
• Improves fertilizer uptake.
• Encourages deep root feeding.
• Boosts beneficial microbial activity.
• Promotes recovery from injury and disease.

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