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Turf Fertilization Program

Lawn Fertilization

Since our inception, in 2001, Turf Management has been a primary focus of our company.  Perfect Turf has partnered with industry specialists to create a fertilization program that is built upon the results of agronomic studies and sound science. Our controlled release fertilizers are engineered to provide continual nitrogen availability throughout the growing season resulting in consistent color, controlled leaf growth and health roots.


Tree/Shrub Fertilization

tree-shrub-fertilizationImportant to new landscaped areas and existing plant material. Many trees need a deep fertilization where nutrients are forced down into their root area, sustaining healthy bud and flower growth.

Shrub Fertilizer helps with flower and foliage color and root stabilization. Fertilizing these plants will help not only with the aesthetic values of the plants, but also the health and longevity as well.

Tree/Shrub Disease Control

tree-shrub-disease-controlDisease prevention and control are some of the most imperative topics in landscape maintenance. Understanding and utilizing the correct approaches and products in order to properly maintain plant material is our main concern

Whether it is organic or chemical, mechanical or biological, we at Perfect Turf are informed and accomplished in all aspects of disease management – keeping your property healthy and beautiful.


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